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VISUAL IMPACT - Backup Power Solution


Experience uninterrupted production with Visual Impact's innovative backup power solution. Our advanced setup, integrating inverters, solar panels, and storage batteries, empowers you to seamlessly sustain your work through power outages, catering to basic to medium shoots.


Our improved backup power system offers a reliable 20 amp Three Phase power distribution, thoughtfully divided as follows:

  • 6 ceiling grid power outlets, purposefully positioned to illuminate our completely prelit greenscreen.
  • 5 distribution boards (DBs) on the walls, catering to various lighting needs for your shoot.
  • Seamless WiFi connectivity to keep you connected throughout your work.

Additionally, we're excited to introduce a new feature – a fully prelit greenscreen with DMX controllable lights. These lights are intelligently connected to a dimmer board, allowing you to have complete control over the green screen lamps. This empowers you with the flexibility to adjust the lighting setup according to your preferences, enhancing your creative output.

It's important to note that while our backup power solution is optimized for basic to medium shoots, it ensures that your creative process remains uninterrupted. At Media Hive studio, we're dedicated to providing reliable services and experiences. This upgrade underscores our commitment to supporting your creativity, even in challenging circumstances.

The Visual Impact studio is centrally located in Cape Town city bowl, walking distance from parliament & Gardens Shopping Centre.

We offer special packages on studio and equipment rentals.

You can contact Ronelda at Visual Impact for special packages that will suit your production needs.


Call: 021 468 6000

The Visual Impact Studio

Visual Impact Studio

Marius van Straaten takes us through the Visual Impact studio specification. The studio can be used for video and photographic productions and also for events.