There is no substitute for experience


About Rentals & Reality TV

Elevate your production game with Visual Impact's cutting-edge multicamera systems. Designed to be packed in flight-ready fly-away boxes, our studios offer unparalleled mobility, enabling you to build a professional setup anywhere.

Count on our experienced engineers and technicians to provide top-notch support, ensuring smooth operation every time. With a proven track record of handling some of the biggest multi-camera projects worldwide, including Survivor, Mooimaak, I'm a Celebrity-Get me out of here, Master Chef, Pawn Start, Niaja Sings, Big Brother Star Game, Project Runway, Come Dine With Me, Bar One, Style Squard, Trap Dis My huis, First Dates, Die Kliek, Fear Factor and many more.

We bring expertise and innovation to every shoot. Discover the power of versatility and reliability with Your vision, our technology – together, we create magic. Explore more at Visual Impact!"

There is no substitute to experience

Through experience and focus Visual Impact has developed its ability to do large scale Reality TV significantly in the last 16 years. We have completed some of the largest reality television series such as I am a Celebrity, Fear Factor, Survivor, Big Brother, Idols, You Deserve it and The Bachelor to name a few. We have developed cost effective fiber solutions allowing us to have connectivity and functionality over several kilometers and on occasion have integrated up to 40 cameras.

Our fly away systems are renowned for their ability to bring a full scale studio anywhere a client might need it from city to jungle.


Remote Camera Solutions

Visual Impact has tried and tested remote camera solutions (PTZ or Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras). Reality productions are increasingly pivoting to PTZ solutions as it does not require a camera operator and allows the reality contestants more freedom without the presence of an operator.One controller can manage up to 9 cameras with a skilled operator. Please ask for a demo if need be.

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