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ARRI Alexa 35


ALEXA 35 is a 4K Super 35 camera that elevates digital cinematography to unprecedented heights. ARRI’s first new sensor for 12 years builds on the evolution of the ALEXA family over that period, delivering 2.5 stops with more dynamic range, film-like highlight handling, better low light performance, and richer colors.

The new REVEAL Color Science takes full advantage of the sensor’s image quality and provides a fast, simple workflow, while ARRI Textures enhance in-camera creative control. Easy operation, robust build quality, new electronic accessories, and a complete new mechanical support system round out the ALEXA 35 platform.

ALEXA 35 Guided Tour


A short and inspiring introduction to ARRI’s new ALEXA 35 camera. Get an overview of how the new native 4.6K Super 35 sensor, in combination with REVEAL Color Science, gives you more dynamic range, more sensitivity, more accurate colors, and more creative control.

ALEXA 35 First Encounters

ALEXA 35 First Encounters

Filmmakers from all over the world share the excitement of their first experiences with the new ARRI ALEXA 35. Most of them were involved in our “Encounters” series of short films, exploring the camera’s unique features through creative visual storytelling. Behind-the-scenes interviews and clips illustrate what they learned about the ALEXA 35’s dynamic range, sensitivity, colors, and ARRI Textures, all of which elevate the Super 35 format to new heights. Be inspired.

ALEXA 35 durability test

ALEXA 35 durability test

Before shipping, every ALEXA 35 undergoes extreme temperature and vibration tests to ensure a lifetime of reliable service on set. During development, the camera was shaken, frozen, cooked, and subjected to blunt impact trauma, while connectors were repeatedly stress-tested by robotic arms.

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