There is no substitute for experience

Visual Impact South Africa: Engineering Excellence in Entertainment

Visual Impact South Africa is the pioneer and leader in broadcast repairs, boasting the oldest engineering workshop in South Africa. Our team of skilled engineers, featuring Gordon de Beer, Jose Da Silva, Tom van Greuning, and Roedolph Louw, collectively boasts over 60 years of unparalleled experience in Johannesburg and Cape Town. When it comes to engineering support, there's simply no substitute for our expertise.

Your Trusted Partners in Broadcasting

At our workshop, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Broadcast Repairs: Ensuring your equipment, including Sony and ARRI brands, is always at its best.
  • Camera Firmware Upgrades: Stay ahead with the latest technology.
  • Specialized Cable Making: Tailored solutions for your unique requirements.
  • Warranty Repairs: Quick and hassle-free solutions for Arri, Sony, Black Magic, Canon, Red, and more.
  • Product Training: Unlock the full potential of your equipment.

Visual Impact's rapidly expanding sales division provides our workshop with exclusive access to top broadcast products from Arri, Sony, Black Magic, Canon, Red, and other leading brands. This ensures prompt repair services or access to necessary resources for any task.

Beyond the Workshop

Our engineering team excels in high-pressure environments, ensuring seamless productions with their problem-solving abilities and Visual Impact's extensive resources. We've achieved remarkable milestones, such as engineering the first-ever HD feature shot in South Africa and recovering from a catastrophic lightning strike during the IAC show, all while providing repair services to globally renowned productions.

Global Collaborations

Visual Impact South Africa collaborates closely with Netflix and some of the biggest international producers in feature films and reality TV. Our track record includes hit shows like Netflix's "The Ultimatum," "Fear Factor," "Survivor," "Master Chef," "Big Brother," "Project Runway," and many more.

Explore Our Work

Discover the visual excellence we bring to the entertainment industry through our extensive portfolio:

  • Reality TV: Witness our contributions to your favorite shows.

Visual Impact South Africa: Where innovation meets entertainment engineering excellence. There is no substitute for experience.

Please call us on Johannesburg +27 (0)11 788 9879, or Email Us!

Engineering Services

Visual Impact Engineering

Gordon de Beer and Jose Da Silva takes us through the Visual Impact engineering office.


Visual Impact Digital  Services

Visual Impact services include broadcast rentals | 3D Stereoscopic services | Digital Imaging | Digital finishing solutions | Broadcast services | Sales VI is also proud to announce our new devision Digilabs incorporating the services of HD HUB. Digilabs caters to deliver to the full spectrum from features to inserts.