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Visual Impact - Theatre

The Certified THX Critical Monitoring Room is a globally recognized colour grade media directory, designed and developed by George Lucas.

Using the THX Critical Monitoring Room is the best way to ensure that your work will look and sound exactly the same, no matter where it is played. We use the Sim2 HD Projector, endorsed by Francis Ford Coppola, and are set up for 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, resulting in the picture and sound quality that is simply as good as it gets. THX Cinespace software, with Hubble Probe technology, is used to probe and calibrate the facility to adhere to scientifically prescribed specifications – the projector, sound system, viewing angles and even the colour of the walls have been calibrated to create the ultimate screening room.

Using our Davio Cine-Tal Signal Processing Unit, and Look Up Tables (LUT) we will also assess and recalibrate your own viewing displays, such as monitors and laptops, to ensure that when you are viewing work outside the CMR, you still see the truest picture.

The THX Critical Monitoring Room includes ten luxurious cinema seats and we provide hospitality to make sure the experience is as relaxing as can be, especially when the screenings are happening at the end of long days on set.

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Cinespace THX Technology

THX has acquired the cineSpace™ Color Management Suite from Cine-Tal Systems -- the de facto standard in film and television post-production for achieving color accuracy and consistency. Visual Impact takes a look at the technology and how it is used.