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XR and VR Studio Solutions


Visuals Impact now offers advanced virtual broadcasting solutions. Unveiling our latest XR and VR services section, we provide end-to-end support for your projects.

From crafting bespoke XR and VR studios to supplying top-notch camera and tracking equipment, we've got you covered. Elevate your productions with our seamless integration of cutting-edge LED displays. Our XR Studios are designed to provide an immersive experience, blending the physical and virtual worlds for unparalleled production quality.

Visual Impact is your practical partner in embracing the future of broadcasting. Explore the efficiency of our services and step into a new era of content creation with our state-of-the-art Virtual Studios. With Visual Impact, it's about streamlined technology and unmatched support, making your virtual studio projects a seamless success. Whether you’re working on extended reality studio projects or innovative broadcast solutions, we ensure top-tier results every time.

We can scope, supply, install and manage your project from beginning to successful execution.

Transform Your Corporate Communication with Reality

Transform Your Corporate Communication with Reality

Engaging and impactful corporate communications and marketing | Data-driven storytelling with automation | Efficient and easy-to-use turnkey solutions

Case Study - RTL Belgium & Zero Density

Case Study - RTL Belgium & Zero Density

RTL Belgium team discusses their journey of choosing and using Reality Engine, the number of shows they do and their unique way employing Reality-powered data driven graphics.

Three different options to deploy the same wall assets.


Hyperbowl x OptiTrack | Virtual Production - Capture Your Vision

Hyperbowl, one of Germany's largest virtual production studios, uses an OptiTrack camera tracking system to support its work for advertising, film and TV, corporate events and art.

OptiTrack Motive 3.1 - What's New

Discover what's new with OptiTrack's latest version of Motive motion capture software.

35North Studios x OptiTrack | Virtual Production Success Story

Iowa's 35North Studios virtual production workflow features an OptiTrack camera tracking system—a 3D optical tracking technology with sub-millimeter accuracy for virtual production stages and other industry applications.